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clearly you'll run from me

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I'm Emma, and I'm 22 (but don't feel grown up). I'm in my last year of university.

I'm fascinated by music, all kinds of music: even if I don't like it, you can guarantee I'll be interested in it. I'm studying music at uni.

I'm an opera singer, sort of. It's what I'd eventually like to do. I'm not as good as I'd like to be, but I'm working on it. I love opera and classical music, but I love pop music too; moreover, I love dancing appallingly to pop music, whether it's at a party with a group of friends, or in my bedroom.

I'm obsessed with clothes, both shopping for and making from scratch - I sew and knit, sometimes excessively. I make jewellery sometimes too; I love shiny things. I'm like a magpie.

I think my interest list will tell you the rest. I like the theatre (both as an actor and as a spectator), I like reading, I like TV. I want to be like Stephen Fry, or Bill Bailey (only not so male). I like being silly, and I like being serious. Sometimes I think I'm better at the former than the latter.

LJ friends are very welcome here: I keep the content in my journal public for the most part, but it's lovely to have things to read and people to get to know. Don't just lurk - add me :)

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